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photo credit: Marianne Chua


Protocol (2020)

TTBB —three movements — 14"

on newly-written poems by Kaveh Akbar, Aiden Feltkamp, and Hieu Minh Nguyen

commissioned by Cantus Vocal Ensemble

An Hour Is Not a House (2022)

SATB —two movements — 6"

on poetry by Jane Hirshfield

for Dr. Erika Tarawa Jenkins and the choirs of Kennesaw State University

Never Will Give Up My Shield (2020)

SATB —three movements — 15"

three arrangements of Sacred Harp tunes

commissioned by Dr. Erin Colwitz and the Marquette Choral Society

SONGS with piano

Roses (2023)

soprano and piano — five songs — 14"

on poetry by Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska

written for Alexandra Nowakowski (soprano) — commissioned by Astral Artists

Rooms (2024)

soprano and piano — two songs — 9"

on poetry by Jane Hirshfield and Laura Foley

commissioned by Chelsea Helm (soprano)

Silver Songs (2024)

soprano, tenor, baritone, and piano — six songs — 25"

on poetry by Frank O'Hara, Jeanne Murray Walker, Rebecca Hoogs, Richie Hofmann, and Kate Northrop — commissioned by Mirror Visions Ensemble

What I Didn't Know Before (2023)

middle voice and piano — song — 5"

on poetry by Ada Limón  commissioned by Mirror Visions Ensemble

premiered by Scott Murphree (tenor) and Grant Wenaus (piano)

Thundercloud Over Half-Dome (2020)

soprano and piano — song — 6"

a setting of a letter by photographer Ansel Adams

commissioned and premiered by Tamara Wilson (soprano)

Fox Songs (2019)

soprano and piano — three songs — 15"

on poetry by Jane Hirshfield, Cake Wilkinson, and Anastasia Pennington-Flax

written for and co-premiered sopranos Alexandra Nowakowski and Ann Moss

Hard Stones (2018)

soprano and piano — four songs — 15"

on poetry by Ann DeSiro, on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings

commissioned and premiered by Ann Moss (soprano)

Two Modern Love Songs (2015)

bass-baritone and piano — two songs — 5"

on poetry by Edna St. Vincent Millay

written for and premiered by Adrian Sanchez (baritone)

Three Songs on Darkness (2014)

soprano and piano — three songs — 8"

on poetry by Emily Brontë and Lord Byron

written for and premiered by Cristin Colvin (soprano)

SONGS with other forces

Honey (2023)

soprano and cello — two songs — 6"

on poetry by Jane Hirshfield

commissioned by the SoHap Ensemble (Sabina Balsamo and Chas Barnard)

I Shall Be Coming Back to You (2023)

soprano and tenor saxophone — four songs — 12"

on poetry by Witter Bynner

commissioned by Dr. Lara Brooks and Dr. Robert Brooks

Blessed Is The Match (2023)

soprano, clarinet, and piano — five songs — 14"

on poetry by Hannah Szenes

commissioned by Dr. Elizabeth Thompson and Dr. Anne Dervin

Instructions on Not Giving Up (2024)

soprano, tenor saxophone, and piano — four songs — 20"

on poetry by Li-Young Lee, Richie Hofmann, Jess Janz, and Ada Limón

commissioned by Dr. Lara Brooks and Dr. Robert Brooks

Phenomenal Cage (2024)

soprano and piano quintet — five songs with interstitial movements — 25”

on texts / libretto by Joshua McGuire

commissioned by Dawna Rae Warren — to be premiered with Boulder Opera

Emitting Light (2022)

mezzo-soprano, clarinet, and piano — four songs — 16"

on poetry by Kim Addonizio and Richie Hofmann

commissioned by Kelley O'Connor (mezzo-soprano)

Sustain (V.) (2020)

bass-baritone, cello, and piano — 4"

on poetry by Jess Janz

written for Ryan McKinley (bass-baritone)

Not So Far As The Forest (2018)

soprano and cello — song — 5"

on poetry by Edna St. Vincent Millay

commissioned by Juxtatonal (Jocelyn Zelasko and Bryan Hayslett)

Heart Is A Lamp (2018)

mezzo-soprano or contralto, viola, and cello — two songs — 7"

on poetry by Susan Blackwell Ramsey

commissioned by Emily Marvosh (contralto)

Unsex Me Here (2017)

mezzo-soprano and string quartet — three songs — 15"

on poetry by William Shakespeare, Laura Attridge, and Anastasia Pennington-Flax

commissioned by Brooke Larimer (mezzo-soprano)

Letters from a Bird of Prey (2017)

soprano and percussion (single desk) — song — 7"

on poetry by Anastasia Pennington-Flax

commissioned by Mèlange Ensemble (Margot Rood and Caleb Herron)

Amplification (2015)

unaccompanied duet for soprano and mezzo-soprano — 14"

on poetry by Susan Blackwell Ramsey

written for the Michigan Recital Project (Emily Marvosh and Margot Rood)


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