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photo credit: Marianne Chua

Fox Songs

10” — 2019 — texts by Jane Hirshfield, Caki Wilkinson, and Anastasia Pennington-Flax

written & co-premiered (2018) by Alex Nowakowski and Ann Moss

[for soprano and piano]

Heart is a Lamp

7” — 2018 — texts by Susan Blackwell Ramsey

commissioned & premiered (2018) by Boston's Emily Marvosh

[for mezzo-soprano or contralto, viola, and cello]

Hard Stones

15” — 2018 — texts by Ann DeSiro, for the anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings

commissioned & premiered (2018) by San Francisco's Ann Moss, in bicoastal concerts (Boston, MA + San Fran, CA) 

[for soprano and piano]

Unsex Me Here

15” — 2017 — texts by Shakespeare + new poems by A. Pennington-Flax and Laura Attridge

commissioned & premiered (2018) by Brooke Larimer and the BEO String Quartet

[for mezzo-soprano and string quartet]

It's All Coming Down, Darling

2” — 2017 — wordless, unaccompanied lullaby

commissioned & premiered Megan Ihnen

[for mezzo-soprano]

Letters from a Bird of Prey

7” — 2017 — poetry by A. Pennington-Flax

commissioned & premiered (2018) by Atlanta's Mèlange Ensemble (Margot Rood and Caleb Herron)

[for soprano and percussion]

Absence Makes

17” — 2017 — on original poetry by Jennifer Perrine

commissioned, workshopped (2017) & premiered (2018) by the Seen/Heard Ensemble

[for mezzo-soprano, harp, and flute]

Half-Moon Late-Risen

6” — 2016 — on poetry by Walt Whitman

commissioned & premiered (2016) by Colin Levin at the Tanglewood Festival (Stockbridge, MA)

[for high baritone and piano]


26” — 2016 — on original poetry by Esther Margaret Ayers

commissioned and premiered (2016) by the Marquette Symphony Orchestra, with Aani Bourassa (soprano soloist)

[for soprano, SATB choir, and orchestra (3, 2, 2+b, 2 - 4, 2, 3, 1 - perc, hp, str)]

Chekhov’s Response

4” — 2016 — on original poetry by Katharine Markwick

commissioned & premiered (2016) by London's Helios Collective, at the National Gallery in London

[for tenor and piano]

All Children, Except One

20" — 2016 — on original poetry by Laura Attridge

commissioned & premiered (2016) by Aiden Kim Feltkamp, as part of the Chamber Series at Bard College

[for mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble (viola, cello, clarinet, bassoon)]

The Great Ordeal

8” — 2016 — on Biblical texts in English translation

commissioned & premiered (2016) by Stephen Martin and the Okemos Community Chancel Choir (Okemos, MI)

[for baritone and soprano solists, SATB choir, organ, trombone, & Fr. horn]


3” — 2015 — on poetry by Susan Blackwell Ramsey

written for & premiered (2017) by the Michigan Recital Project (Emily Marvosh and Margot Rood)

[for unaccompanied soprano and mezzo-soprano duet]

Two Modern Love Songs

4" — 2014 — on poetry by Edna St. Vincent Millay

written for and premiered (2015) by Adrian Sanchez, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

[for bass-baritone and piano]

Three Songs of Christmastide

6" — 2014 — on traditional Advent hymn tunes

commissioned & premiered (2014) by Laura Attridge

[for soprano and piano]

O Might I Raise the Darken’d Veil

3" — 2014 — on poem by Nathaniel Hawthorne

written for & premiered (2014) with Chicago's VOX3 Ensemble, with Jacqueline King (mezzo-soprano)

[for mezzo-soprano and piano]

Three Songs on Darkness

7” — 2014 — on poetry by Emily Brontë and Lord Byron

written for & premiered (2014) by Cristin Colvin, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

[for soprano and piano]

I Would Not Paint a Picture

3” — 2013 — on poetry by Emily Dickinson

premiered 2014 — winner of the First Composition Competition with Washington D.C.'s Words & Music, Inc.

[for SATB quartet and piano]


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