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The House of Bernarda Alba

1'30” — opera — 2019 — on a bilingual libretto by Caridad Svich, from the original Lorca

commissioned and premiered by Cleveland Opera Theatre

[all-female cast + Britten chamber — piano reduc. available]


East of the Sun, West of the Moon

1'20” — ballet — 2019 — on Scandinavian folk tale

commissioned and premiered by the Northern Michigan University's Dept. of Theatre and Dance

[string quintet + fl + ob + bsn + piano + 2 perc]

Sweets by Kate

1’15" — opera — 2015 — on a libretto and original story by Thom K. Miller

chosen as part of Fort Worth Opera’s 2017 Frontiers program
commissioned and premiered by the Midwest Institute of Opera, premiered July 2015
full productions by: Boston University (Fall Fringe Fest 2017,  October 2017) -

Marble City Opera, May '16 (Knoxville, TN) - OperaRox Productions, July '17 (NYC)

[mezzo-soprano, soprano, 2 light tenors, bass-baritone + small coro + piano quintet – piano reduc. available]

Follow Suit

45" — opera — 2017 — on a libretto and original story by Emily Anderson

commissioned and premiered (March 2018) by Knoxville's Marble City Opera

[soprano, baritone + piano, Bb clar., cello  – piano reduction available]

Outside the Lines

7” — opera — 2017 — on a libretto and original story by Megan Leahy & Mark Kendall

written as part of The Atlanta Opera’s 24-Hour Opera Project
winner of both the 2017 Judges’ Award and 2017 Audience Favorite Award

[2 soprani, mezzo-soprano, baritone + piano]

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